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On Site Balancing

On Site Balancing

National Instruments – USB and cRIO series – up to 32 Channels

On Site Balancing of a major equipment such as a Gas  or Steam Turbine is an activity which require strong technical skills but also a powerful vibration data acquisition system and software capabilities, one important request being to minimise the number of the equipment starts during the balancing activity.

Any balancing activity should start only after a proper analysis and diagnosis of the vibration behaviour have been properly assessed, several times being required to install additional sensors on the machine and to perform tests with the machine from zero speed up to the maximum load and reverse.

Once the balancing have been established as being the main reason of the vibration, the balancing activity should start having the target to minimize if possible the vibration from the first balancing shot. Several techniques are used in order to achieve this goal, including modal balancing, influence coefficients balancing and rotor-dynamics simulation.

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