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Data Aquisition System

National Instruments – USB and cRIO series – up to 32 Channels

The signal is acquired from IEPE or non-IEPE sensors, in this way any kind of displacement, velocity, acceleration, proximity probes and tacho sensors signals can be processed and analysed in real time simultaneously and for extended time periods up to several days;

Some of the turbo generators in power industry are properly equipped with vibration measurement equipment yet, there are still many turbo-generators equipped with only a sufficient amount of sensors; however, in almost all of the cases the installed vibration equipment in Control Room will not give any information about the machine condition except the amplitude, speed and trend. Furthermore, it will serve only as a machine protection (alarms and trips). For a proper diagnosis of the machine condition it is therefore required to perform an on-line real-time multichannel vibration measurements, activity which is performed by connecting to the machine existing sensors or installation of additional probes with our Real Time multichannel vibration analysers.



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