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Low speed balancing

Low speed balancing

During the Major Inspection activities, especially if major repairs have been done (such as blades replacement, shaft machining, retaining rings replacement, etc.) low speed balancing of the Turbines or Generators are performed on transportable balancing machines. Although the low speed balancing is done at speeds bellow 300 rpm, a proper selection of the balancing method and balancing planes, together with the rotor deformation measurements and vibration history of the machine, will warrantee in most of the cases a low vibration during operation without the necessity of a trim balancing at the re-commissioning. Our experience with both soft bearing balancing machines and resonant balancing machines was proven to achieve a good vibration level after the low speed balancing when tested at high speed.

Resonant balancing machines – Design and Manufacturing

For on-site applications the resonant balancing machines are designed to independently balance first and second mode of turbo-generator rotors at safe low speeds. The suspension of each support is designed in such a way to reduce the “critical” speeds to a value in a range bellow few hundreds rpm, being therefore able to directly split the static and couple components. This machines have been extensively used for on-site applications with proven good results for the remnant unbalance and they have the advantage of being very much price affordable. Contact us for more….

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